ASPES Italian Motorcycles

1955 - 1984 


Moto Aspes was founded in 1955, in a factory on the outskirts of Gallarate (Varese). For thirteen years he devoted himself to the production of bicycles, then motorcycles with Minarelli engines. In 1969, the company produced some of their first off-road motorcycles, including the Cross 69 Special, which was the first moped bikes to be fitted as standard with a Ceriani tele-hydraulics front suspension. In the 1970's they built some of the fastest bikes available.
At the Milan Show in 1971, they presented a 125 prototype bikes with Sachs engines with the final versions, produced in 1972, using the Apache, with a Maico engine. In 1973, they begin shipping the first 125 cc models a regular cross named the Hopi. The engine was a two-stroke with four transfer ports. The cross version had 20 hp at 8500 rpm and weighed 85 kg, while the regular version achieves the same power at 8000 rpm and weighed 96 kg. In 1974, the Hopi became fed regularly laminated and the model had the particularity of a double inlet, obtained in part through a reed valve on the sump and, in part, through the motion of the piston. The power was 20 hp at 9600 rpm with a displacement of 123.6 cc. In 1976 began the production of the Juma model and a 125 Sport, first in France and then in Italy. The engine was built by Aspes and was a two stroke single cylinder with a 123.15 cc displacement and a six-speed gearbox. In 1977, the range was completed by some inexpensive 50cc mopeds, the Navaho, with a Minarelli Compact System motor. In 1978, they added the Sioux 50, a single speed automatic with a friction motor, and the Mini Sioux, with the same engine Minarelli V1 kick-start starter. In the years following the marked started to decline and in 1982 , while continuing to operate until 1984, with existing models and with a new series, like the Shark 125, TK 125 Enduro and 50 cc mopeds like the Folk and Carrera and the original Mototopo.


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